Niffler.co is a FREE crypto community that helps educate folks just like you interested in cryptocurrencies and crypto trading. We do it by taking out the risk of using real capital and giving you $100k in play money that can be traded alongside a live and real time crypto exchange. Once you get good at it, you can earn real money by teaching and guiding others! There is simply no safer and easier way to learn!


Our vision is led by two seasoned and well funded startup founders, who with the help of an equally seasoned team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that in order for cryptocurrency to exist and continue to prosper, it is our collective responsibility as early adopters and experienced traders to teach the world how to use it and in particular how they too can profit from its existence!


Our mission is to educate the world through hands on guidance about all things crypto and cryptocurrency. Our sole aim from day one is to build a community that shares in each others knowledge, experience and most importantly each others cumulative successes. We do this by sharing access to live crypto exchanges, amazing partnerships with proven crypto brands and traders and an unrivaled thirst to share with everyone the skills to trade in this unlimited and potentially lucrative investment opportunity currently being seen in the cryptocurrency space.

Whether your own personal mission is to learn about crypto and cryptocurrencies or to start your journey on the road to cryptocurrency trading you've come to the right community and we couldn't be more thrilled to have you amongst us...welcome!

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