Earn money from your
knowledgeable trading actions

Minimum 30 Trades
+1.5% Avg. Profit Margin
Min. 25K profit in Play USD

We like to call it Proof of Experience

Our simulated trading exchange is set up so anyone can achieve “trader status”.  Traders make money by giving guidance to newbies and publicly showing to the world their day to day trading actions and competence to grow their portfolio wisely and consistently...it's something we like to call "Proof of Experience". Once the predetermined threshold is reached we will notify you to let you know you can now start earning money helping teach other newbies how to trade.

The best way to attain “Trader Status” and start earning money is to get started trading in 3 easy steps!

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Proof of Experience

Show "Proof of experience" by growing your audience, portfolio, sharing your trading actions and gaining badges for your accomplishments along the way!

Attain Top Trader Status

Get notified and start earning money now that you've acquired all the necessary badges and met all the necessary thresholds!

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