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STEEM getting listed on is a real time simulated crypto exchange that allows newbies the ability to learn about crypto trading without the risk,…once they get good enough, they can make money by teaching others!

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Designed to help you understand blockchain, crypto and cryptocurrency trading better.

Simulated Exchange

Theoretical paper trading is so 2017! users go hands on with our real life and real time simulated crypto exchange. There is simply no safer and easier way to learn!

FREE Learning Community

Our sole aim from day one was to build a FREE community that shares in each others knowledge, experience and most importantly each others cumulative successes.

Earn Money

Start earning money through our proprietary "Proof of Experience™" model simply by growing your portfolio wisely & consistently while earning various badges along the way.

Proof of experience

Earn money from your knowledgeable trading actions

Minimum 30 Trades
+3% Avg. Profit Margin
Min. 50K profit in Play USD

Highly sought after traders now have the option to publicly or privately share their knowledge on all things, blockchain, crypto and cryptocurrency trading for a monthly monetary pledge from those wishing to follow and benefit from their wisdom. Our proprietary "Proof of experience" model is used to award “trader” status to aspiring traders with a track record of high or excellent performance!

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