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From Bath Salts to Bitcoin: John McAfee's Bizarre Crypto Hustle

Not sure how we feel about this story, but thought we would share it regardless: ‘My Power to Demolish Is Ten Times Greater Than My Power to Promote’ The story of how John McAfee became the spokesman for crypto.…

18 Dec, 2018
The Crypto Fall of 2018 & Why It’s Nothing New

After years of ridiculing the asset, many critics were silenced in December 2017, when it managed to reach nearly $20,000, an amazing achievement when you realize that there was a time when it used to be priced at just $1.…

18 Dec, 2018
Bitcoin Price Jumps 10% on Anniversary of All-Time High

Bitcoin (BTC) the leading cryptocurrency by market value had been trading near $3,200 early yesterday, representing an 83 percent drop from the record high of $20,000 reached the same date in 2017…

18 Dec, 2018
5 blockchain and crypto predictions for 2019

The concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency gained a lot of attention in 2017, 2018 and 2019 promises to be it's biggest yet! Here are 5 blockchain and crypto predictions for the upcoming year…

18 Dec, 2018
Influential Cypherpunk Timothy C. May Dies at 67

Timothy C. May, widely recognized as the progenitor of modern cryptocurrency & blockchain technology, credited with the invention of cryptographic technology that eventually led to the development of Bitcoin has passed.…

18 Dec, 2018
Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Traders Who You Should Be Following in 2019

Interested in becoming an eminent, proficient and profitable crypto trader? Here is a sorted list of the top 10 successful crypto traders to keep an eye on and who are worth following in 2019…

17 Dec, 2018
How Cryptocurrency Mining Has Benefits Beyond The World Of Crypto

Mining is the reason we have the creation of new tokens within a blockchain which use Proof of Work consensus. Mining has a number of other functions as well, such as protecting it on a more general basis.…

17 Dec, 2018
BitPay CEO Predicts Global Adoption of Bitcoin and Crypto

BitPay CEO Stephen Pair says he thinks Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are on an increasingly fast track to mass adoption. In a new interview on CNBC, Pair says he’s shortened his timeline to about 3 to 5 years.…

17 Dec, 2018
A Beginner’s Guide to WAVES Cryptocurrency

The Waves platform was developed to make it easy for developers to launch and tokenize new assets using the wonders of blockchain why exactly should you buy it? & where do buy it from?…

17 Dec, 2018
What is a Stable Coin?

A ”stable coin” is a cryptocurrency that holds a stable value. The coin gets pegged to another stable asset such as gold or the U.S. dollar. Unlike our traditional stable assets, a stable coin is global and not tied to a central bank.…

17 Dec, 2018

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Q&A with CryptoVibes

CryptoVibes is online cryptocurrency magazine created on purpose to enlighten people about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Cryptovibes covers different topics, the ones mainstream media doesn’t share.…

1 Nov, 2018 by Niffler
Q&A with KryptiCrooks

Today we have the pleasure of talking with KryptiCrooks. Read our Q&A with him to learn more!…

28 Oct, 2018 by Niffler
Mass Adoption Through Education

Education: the panacea to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies…

14 Sep, 2018 by HodlOne

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