Twitter CEO Dorsey: Square Crypto Begins ‘Inevitable’ Bitcoin Mass Adoption

Square, the $32.7B mobile payment company founded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, is one step closer to launching its long-awaited crypto project. The company claimed last night that bitcoin mass adoption is in fact “inevitable”.…

22 May, 2019 ·
Bitcoin SV (BSV) Dump Awaits after Mindless Rally Gained 200% Returns

There is no clarification on how the world’s 11th largest yet cryptocurrency managed to attract approx $1.4B. The move just happened out of thin air, as if somebody with a big bag of money clicked on the big buy button…

22 May, 2019 ·
Ethereum to Spend an Eye Popping $30 Million as Price Hits Its Stride

The Ethereum Foundation announced it is committing $30M over 12 months as it continues to build Ethereum 2.0. The nonprofit is spreading the funds “on key projects across the ecosystem” with a focus on Ethereum 2.0 (Plasma).…

22 May, 2019 ·
Newsflash: Owning Bitcoin Legal Despite Govt Trading Ban, Says Bank of China Council

According to Sa Xiao, a Council Member at the Bank of China’s Law Research Association, it is legal for individuals to own bitcoin in China despite the government’s blanket ban on trading.…

22 May, 2019 ·
Billionaire Crypto Bull Thiel’s Seed Shares Reap Staggering 6,500% Profit is returning jaw-dropping profits to its earliest investors like Peter Thiel. It’s a stock buyback of epic speed and proportions. The ROI for anyone who cashes out will be as much as 6,567%.…

22 May, 2019 ·
Nonprofits Turn To Cryptocurrency To Help Needy Venezuelans

Social workers are helping Venezuelan families get a break from their daily struggle to feed themselves by enrolling them in a program run by a Silicon Valley startup that is donating crypto to hundreds of Venezuelan families.…

22 May, 2019 ·


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