Happy Pizza Day! 8 Things 10,000 BTC Could Get You Today

Today marks the 9 year anniversary of one of the first major Bitcoin transactions to be recorded, that saw programmer Laszlo Hanyecz purchase two Papa John's pizzas for what was, at the time valued at roughly $40.…

22 May, 2019 · www.chepicap.com
Bitcoin Price Blitzed $20,000, 13 Days After it Last Closed at $8,300; Déjà Vu?

Year-to-date, the bitcoin price has surged by 113 percent in a stunning recovery, achieving $8,000 in merely six months after plunging to $3,150 in December 2018.…

21 May, 2019 · www.ccn.com
Crypto Insiders Call #1 Reason for May Surge, Predict Bitcoin (BTC) Price by June

After the price of Bitcoin surged in May 2019, we asked a panel of 10 fintech leaders their thoughts on Bitcoin’s rise, including whether they think consumers should buy, hold or sell and what might be in store for the cryptocurrency.…

21 May, 2019 · dailyhodl.com
Feature Article: The Cryptocurrency Startups Trying To Save Argentina From Itself

From MIT Technology Review: By holding their money in “stable” cryptocurrency, Argentines might avoid the notorious volatility of their peso. First, though, they have to be persuaded.…

21 May, 2019 · www.technologyreview.com
Aussie Bitcoin Miner Retrofits Government Computers, Faces 10 Years in Prison

A man from Sydney, Australia will appear in court on Tuesday after turning a government computer into a bitcoin mining rig. He allegedly mined $9,000 worth of cryptocurrency on the modified machine.…

21 May, 2019 · www.ccn.com
Cryptocurrency Exchanges See Massive Increase In Monthly Trading Volume, Bull Market Solidifying

Seen as a good way to gain insight into the current state of the cryptocurrency market, CryptoCompare’s monthly review has once again provided those watching the industry with data-driven developments in the space.…

21 May, 2019 · cryptoslate.com


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