Lambo-Lusting Britons Lose $34 Million to Forex and Bitcoin Investment Scams

Britons lost more than £27 million to fraudsters during the 2018/19 period. Reports on bitcoin & forex investment scams more than tripled to reach over 1,800 cases. The average loss for each victim during this period was £14,600…

21 May, 2019 ·
Bitcoin Price Skyrockets to 2nd-Best Quarterly Gain in 5 Years; New All-Time High Coming?

Bitcoin price is on track to having its second-best quarter since 2014 with a 92 percent gain within two months if it remains above $8,000 by the end of June.…

20 May, 2019 ·
Forbes: Data Shows Bitcoin Has Radically Changed

Research has found bitcoin has matured as an asset, evidenced by analysis of increasingly complex bitcoin and cryptocurrency conversations (mostly), a drop in fraud concerns, and people talking more about the future of bitcoin than the past.…

20 May, 2019 ·
PSA: Bitconnect ‘2.0’ Triggers Countdown to Resurrect Greatest Crypto Ponzi Ever

In 2016 a cryptocurrency project named BitConnect came along offering 1% daily compounded interest for those who purchased and staked its token. When the BCC bubble inevitably burst, the owners, as expected, made off with everyone’s money…

20 May, 2019 ·
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Explains Why Big Banks Should Get Into Cryptocurrencies

Garlinghouse’s company Ripple sells the software to banks to let them transact on blockchain, which means he spends a lot of his time reassuring people that the Silk Road days are over.…

20 May, 2019 ·
Crypto Arrives On WhatsApp: A Major Step Towards Mass Adoption Has Been Made

Crypto has finally arrived on WhatsApp. According to a recent announcement by Zulu Republic — the first two coins to be sent and received via the popular messaging app are Bitcoin and Litecoin.…

20 May, 2019 ·


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