Terrified Central Bank Attempts to Arrest Myanmar’s Bitcoin Binge

Myanmar is the latest developing country that is hinting to shut doors in the face of bitcoin, a decade-old global cryptocurrency which proposes to replace banks with a decentralized network of transaction validators and bookkeepers.…

20 May, 2019 · www.ccn.com
The Price Of Bitcoin Surged 10x After 2016 Halving; Will 2020 See a Similar Result?

In about every four years, the Bitcoin blockchain network experiences a block reward halving, a mechanism that reduces the rate in which new bitcoin is generated or mined by miners.…

19 May, 2019 · www.ccn.com
Bitcoin Searches Rocket to 13-Month High Amid ’60 Minutes’ Hype

Google searches for bitcoin have climbed to a 13-month high, in tandem with its price spikes following the brutal 2018 crypto bear market. Interestingly, the countries that are leading the Google searches are not cryptocurrency powerhouses…

19 May, 2019 · www.ccn.com
Meteoric Crypto Recovery: Here’s What Triggered Bitcoin Price Above $8,000

The bitcoin price has surged by seven percent in the past several hours from $7,300 to around $8,000 in major markets including the U.S., demonstrating a strong recovery from its abrupt drop to $6,400.…

19 May, 2019 · www.ccn.com
Key Indicator Shows Bitcoin Soaring to New All-Time High, Says Crypto Analyst – Plus XRP, ETH, LTC, TRX & Cardano

From a long term analysis of Bitcoin’s trajectory to a new study on Ethereum’s biggest whales, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto.…

19 May, 2019 · dailyhodl.com
Facebook’s Secret Crypto Project Faces a Treacherous Self-Inflicted Problem

The myriad privacy issues Facebook has been mired in are turning off the very people it wants to hire to help it improve its platform. These are the findings of former recruiters who shared the details with CNBC.…

19 May, 2019 · www.ccn.com


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