Inflation Bug Still a Danger to More Than Half of All Bitcoin Full Nodes

Figures published by bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr show that more than half of the full nodes in the bitcoin network are still running client software vulnerable to the inflation bug discovered in September 2018.…

19 May, 2019 ·
How KYC Compliance Keeps Your Cryptocurrency Protected

Exchanges now enforce KYC compliance on their customers, which removes much of the anonymity that crypto enthusiasts strive for. Those in favour of KYC compliance argue that it ensures customers’ safety, but is this truly the case?…

19 May, 2019 ·
Bitcoin Pizza Guy featured on Anderson Cooper’s 60 Minutes

The beloved “Bitcoin Pizza Guy,” Laszlo Hanyecz, will be featured in the next airing of 60 Minutes where he will explain how he spent almost $800 million on pizza. It will be the first TV interview Hanyecz has ever given.…

19 May, 2019 ·
This Bitcoin Bull Market Proves the Crypto Bubble Never Burst

This past weekend, the bitcoin price zoomed past $8,000 and left everybody buzzing about a new bull market. Crypto Twitter took the news as an opportunity to mock the masses who thought bitcoin was a bubble.…

18 May, 2019 ·
Twitters Expert On Crypto & Whale Sex Is Running For President And Wants Americans To "Wake The F**k Up"

John McAfee, who reportedly earned $100 million by 1994 from selling shares in his eponymous computer security company, has since created a persona as an indulgent cryptocurrency analyst traveling the world. But who is he really?…

18 May, 2019 ·
Poloniex Shuts Crypto Sales of 9 Tokens Fearing Regulatory Squeeze

Poloniex worries so much about incoming doom by U.S. securities regulators’ that it plans to delist nine tokens at the end of the month. The announcement this week stated Poloniex delistings will happen on Wednesday, May 29th.…

18 May, 2019 ·


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